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Turn Your Building Drawings Into a Construction Marketing Tool

Posted on November 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

One of the top priorities for every company is business growth. Construction startups compete for clients. Established companies search for new ways to expand their business. In the end, everyone is looking for new business.

Construction marketing requires a good marketing strategy designed for the construction industry. Organizations may also use different construction marketing tools. But they can be costly and time consuming.

Construction companies have a sales team reaching out to potential customers and qualifying leads. A marketing team creating presentations and promotional materials. And a website presenting their services and products.

So how do you stay ahead of your competition? Are you using your completed construction drawings to get more business?

When we ask that question, the answers are all along the same line. No, we’re not using building plans to win more work. We hear companies say, “we acquired a company and they handed us blueprints that we store in boxes and drawers in our storage facility.” Or “we have all our projects in digital format on a network drive we can all access.” Or “Some of our projects are saved as blueprints in our office, others in CAD format on hard-drives, and the newest ones on a network drive”.

So we ask the question again: are you using your construction drawings to win new or more business?

Use The National GIS of Building Plans to Showcase Your Building Plans on Search Engines

ABR put a solution in place that complements the work of your marketing and sales teams. A solution to showcase your project portfolio to the largest audience possible.

The National GIS of building plans is a database for construction drawings at national level. It features a public interface that lists documents by address and is indexed by search engines. The national GIS is a powerful tool to showcase your work on the most used search engines.

Use Your Building Plans and Let Search Engines Qualify Your Leads

In addition to having your projects indexed by search engines, there is also the added advantage of having them listed by address. Whenever someone searches for an address, your files will be listed in the search results because of the way ABR pages are indexed.

How to Use Your Construction Drawings as a Selling Tool

Using your construction drawings as a selling tool is as easy as one-two-three. Register for a free organization account with the national GIS of building plans. Complete your organization profile. And upload your building plans.

Have Your Own Web Business Constructed For You!

Posted on November 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

There are a lot of online business opportunities that are profitable. Money is made online doing almost everything imaginable. What you need to know is that the money does not automatically come to you just because you started a business. It take time and effort to make an online business profitable.

Would you like to have your own web business, make extra money with affiliate programs, but do not know where to start.

A very good place to start is with a site that offers, multiple streams of income, and all the help you need to get your business up and running.

Profitable online business opportunities include products for selling. A lot of products are sold on auction sites, of which there are many, and privately owned websites like the one you wish to set up. You will stand out better if you choose niche products.

That is why a good place to start is with a business opportunity that offers multiple streams of income. This way you have both products and services that your customers can purchase. You can also make an income from customers who wish to sign on and create their own web business.

On a personal note. I started, by following the easy steps provided, with a multiple stream site. A brand new, fully-loaded e-commerce website (that comes with your own 400 day pre-written email follow-up system) was set up for me.

Before signing up for this type of package, examine it carefully, decide whether or not it contains the type of products you wish to endorse. You must also consider the training, or are you left to struggle alone, that comes with this package deal.

Many outfits provide a “personalized web site” for you to advertise and sell their product or products. These sites are often personalized only by adding your affiliate link.

This type of affiliate site can be advertised from your blog by writing blog articles, about the products you are selling as an affiliate, and by placing product banners on your site.

What works better is a personalized site that does not look exactly the same as, the hundreds of other, sites they have set up for their affiliates.

Profitable online business opportunities can be found in most fields. Just remember that success probably will not come immediately.

No matter which path you choose the major task facing you is creating your list. There are many different ways of creating your e-mail list. If you have the finances you can use paid advertising which includes PPC. You could also just buy a list. If finances are a problem, there are still many ways of creating a list, article writing is one of the best.


Business – Constructing Efficient Systems – Contracting to Provide Services

Posted on November 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

There are several different types of contracts that can be negotiated in your private practise. In order to incorporate them into your business you will need to ensure that you understand the options and details of each contract..

There are several advantages to providing contracted services as follows:

1. You will have a steady stream of referrals form the company with whom you have the contract

2. You will likely be paid on a regular basis so can count on the income

3. Long-term relationships with the companies can be established

The disadvantages of contracting services include:

1. Most insurers pay a set fee per hour for the client. Some do not allow you to charge the difference between their fee and your regular fee to the client.

2. You may need to complete specific forms to invoice the company.

3. Payment is usually done on a monthly basis and may be one to several months after the services were provided.

Contracts can be negotiated in different ways:

1. Government programs – Before you are placed on a “provider” list you may have to go through a rather extensive process where you provide your credentials and/or references. Departments usually have a set fee schedule and payment procedures which are rigid. Usually you are advised of the number of sessions that have been approved at the time of the client referral.

2. Employee Assistance Programs – These are usually benefit plans that have been arranged by the client’s employer who pays an insurance company on behalf of the client. It is “use it or lose it” for the client who cannot carry hours over into the next insured year. Most of these programs are short-term and designed to assess the client who is then referred to community resources. You invoice the insurer and wait for payment.

3. Health Spending Accounts – Many employers have been providing clients with this type of benefit rather than using a defined benefit plan. The client can use the amount for a number of eligible services such as vision, dental or health care. They pay you at your regular fee and then submit the receipt to their plan for reimbursement.

4. Insurance Plans – Some companies purchase insurance plans which have several aspects to them including short-term disability and long-term disability. Therapy services usually are limited and may be restricted to those provided by a psychologist. If the employee is on a leave from work, s/he may have a worker who will negotiate a block of hours with you. These will then be directly billed to through the worker and, once authorized, are paid for by the insurer.

7. Supplemented programs – Many companies will provide a limited number of sessions with a defined hourly fee but allow you to invoice the client for the difference between those fees and what you would otherwise charge. You will therefore need to create two invoices – one for the plan and one for the client, each with the appropriate fees.

8 Self-referrals – Some clients do not have coverage and pay the entire fee after each appointment. I recommend that they provide the receipts to their accountant who will consider if they qualify under “Medical Expenses” on their Income Tax annual submission.

Contracting with different types of programs can provide balance for your business. At the same time, however, you will be required to accommodate the different fees, invoicing procedures and payment terms. Be sure that you go into each contract with enough information to decide if you want to flexible enough to deal with the differences that each company offers.